When you give monthly, you can make an even bigger impact on students like Maritza Merino '11.

When you set up a recurring monthly gift, you join one of our most important groups of donors. Lion's Pride members know how important each gift is to providing a life-changing education. They maximize their ability to give by setting aside small gifts for Boston Trinity each month. These supporting gifts sustain the school by providing on-going funding for Boston Trinity's Annual Trinity Fund.

You get it. You know the impact your gift has. So why not set up a monthly gift and multiply your impact even more?

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Just for you!

Join the Lion's Pride with a monthly gift of $10 or more and you will receive this Boston Trinity power bank. With 4400 mAh, this reusable battery pack holds enough power to recharge your phone twice. Not only will it show off your BTA Lion pride, it will come in handy when your phone or tablet is out of juice and there are no outlets to be found!