Alumni Loyalty Society

Group of alumni at homecoming soccer game

Our Alumni Loyalty Society recognizes alumni who have faithfully given back to Boston Trinity for three or more consecutive years. Young alumni from the past three graduating classes will also be recognized for their consecutive giving, beginning with their senior class gift.

Donors will receive benefits according to their giving levels, as well as the following:

  • Discounted or free admission to alumni events such as Homecoming, the Christmas party, reunions, and our summer gathering
  • Special BTA swag

Our hope is to inspire our alumni to give back to their alma mater and to help grow Boston Trinity's excellence for years to come. One of the best ways to do that is to join our Lion’s Pride by setting up automatic recurring monthly gifts.

Whether you give annually, or monthly, we are grateful to have you join us in providing a life-changing education for our students.

Alumni Loyalty Society Members

Through June 30, 2019

Edward Backman '19
Tara Balla '19
Jemimah Balla '16
Joanna Balla '14
Bennett Blot '07
Aggie Brown '18
Rebecca Caley '18
Jessie Cheng '19
Paul Chin '19
Jackie Crockett '18
Dylan Elliott-Hart '15
Fountain Fang '18
Rachel Fiolek '12
Bennett Forkner '18
Moriah Garcia Nelson '06
Joqui Giron-Melendez '07
Bainy Guo '19
Andrew Hansbury '18
Victoria Hansbury '15
Aliyah Harris '12
Nia Hart '19
Peter Hill '09
Faith Hinz '06
Jonathan Hodge '18
Christian Hodge '15
Noah Hodge '09
John Howard '08
Jenay Israel '12
Parand Jalili '12
Caroline Karakey '19
George Leivi '16
Erik Lu '19
Megan Malkemes '19
Alexandra Mamalakis '14
Jonathan Manos '12
Ana Martinez '19
Sarah Mason '19
Maggie McPherson '19
Elkan Nelson '12
Udoka Obiora '12
NaaAmeley Owusu-Amo '19
Dan Park '12
Isaiah Perkins '18
Amanda Perkins '14
Chris Picard '19
Gianni Pisano '19
Matthew Ravichandran '19
Zoe Ravichandran '17
Jonathan Richmond '18
Eden Ricketts '19
Jonathan Ricketts '16
Yasmine Robinson '19
Molly Rockett '19
Jessica Rogers '14
Alexandra Shi '19
Kassiah Silveira-Baptista '19
Kyle Smith '19
Evan Smith '18
Jimmy Sun '19
David Szatkowski '19
Evan Szatkowski '08
Charlie Taylor '10
Jay Taylor '08
Joshua Totten '19
Hieu Tran '19
Olivia Upton '19
Zachary Vassos '10
Evan Weston '19
Ian Weston '18
Kyla Wright '19
Kathy Zeng '19
Justin Zhai '18