The registration for Summer 2021 is now closed.  We look forward to a great program in Summer 2022!


Summer Camp 2020 - 2021

June 28th - July 31st

9:00am - 4:00pm



Mission and Vision

The BTA summer camp is designed to build on life skills such as collaboration and creativity through exciting sports and enrichment sessions.

The program aims to do this in three ways: 

  • Students will prepare for the upcoming school year through unique sessions designed to rediscover how fun learning can be.
  • The camp will help students form and rebuild friendships through shared interests, particularly since they have felt disconnected from each other over the past year.
  • Sessions will provide opportunities to redevelop confidence and leadership skills through teamwork, collaboration, and immersion in the arts, sciences and or sports.


Safety First!

Boston Trinity has taken an extremely proactive approach to ensuring that its school and camps remain a Covid-19 free zone, and it has done this with remarkable success. It has passed two surprise inspections from state and local health inspectors with flying colors. From the get-go in early March of last year, Boston Trinity has worked with institutions like Boston College as well as state and federal regulations to maintain a safe and clean learning environment.

Boston Trinity Summer Camps ran in-person during the summer of 2020, and the school has run in-person since day 1 in August. Due to our careful planning and monitoring, we have not had a single Covid-19 outbreak in the school, and have never closed due to the pandemic. To that end, we will run both in-person and online sessions during the 2021 summer camp. 


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