Educational Technology

Harnessing technology to empower students.

Boston Trinity Academy empowers our community to utilize technology with intentionality and purpose. In this digital age, technology is essential to connect teachers and students to the wealth of resources available to better teach and understand. At the same time, research shows that too much freedom with technology can actually hinder the learning process. That is why Boston Trinity limits the use of personal technology in during school hours, while simultaneously providing ample technological resources for students and teachers to use in the classroom and in their studies.

Technology Highlights

Wireless Campus
Boston Trinity Academy's entire campus is WiFi connected, allowing mobility and connectivity for the school community

Mac Lab
A computer lab is available both for individual students to use and teachers to reserve for class. The lab consists of 20 connected iMac computers, aiding students in research and writing.

Classroom iPads
Boston Trinity has a cart of 20 iPads available for teachers to use in their classrooms. These iPads can be used for interactive class projects and presentations, and are also equipped with numerous sensors for use in science labs.