Retreats and Trips

Connecting with God, Each Other, and Ourselves

Boston Trinity Academy creates space for students to step out of their routine in order to focus on their spiritual and relational health. Through various retreats - some at the school, others offsite - students have time for self-reflection, relational engagement, and communion with God. Retreat participation is required and students join with classmates in their grades to focus on questions pertinent to their grade and life-stage.

8th Grade New York Trip

Students in the 8th grade travel each spring to New York city. Over three days, students build community while exploring the history and culture of the city. The trip ties in to the 8th grade American history course, as students explore the immigrant experience, visiting the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Tenement Museum. Students also experience the artistic culture of the city, visiting art museums, concerts, and/or musicals.

9th Grade Freshmen Retreat

Each fall, the rising 9th grade class ventures north to the Appalachian Mountain Club’s outdoor center in New Hampshire. They are stretched physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually while hiking from lodge to hut in the Presidential range. This trip focuses on breaking down barriers, building community, improving class dynamics, strengthening individual spirits, and developing confident leaders. The journey is strenuous yet exhilarating. Students inevitably grow in their awe of God and in empathy for one another.

11th Grade May Term

As the school year draws to a close, 11th grade students participate in May Term. May term is a week-long retreat held at the school during regular school hours. It encourages juniors to discover their own identity and passions, as well as the barriers that prevent communities - both their own and others - from thriving. Students reflect on their high school experience, identify places of opportunity and brokenness in their class, and explore where their passions, interests, and abilities fit in the world. The week serves a preparation for their own senior capstone and senior symposium experience, and also elevates their thinking as rising senior leaders who will set the tone for the following school year.