Action Groups

Leading by serving.

At the heart of the Trinity Institutes leadership training program are action groups. These student led groups focus on a specific issue of social or environmental justice and address the issues through advocacy, awareness, and/or service. Trinity Institute interns propose, develop, and choose all initiatives.

Action groups are a collaborative effort of students with a high commitment to their particular area of interest. Each action group identifies a leadership team with developed executive leadership skills, a mentoring role, or a social justice advocacy role and seek to develop these traits and values in the rest of the group’s members.

Each group decides when and where they meet, and how often they will host in school and out of school events or opportunities for service. Leaders or members of these action groups see themselves as both learners and advocates for the social issues reflected by their project group. The school as a whole benefits from the awareness that these student groups bring to their peers. We also seek opportunities to impact local and global problems directly.

Current Action Groups:

  • BTA Green
  • Refugee Care
  • Homeless Care Initiative
  • Lions for Life
  • R.A.C.E.
  • Spark (Drug awareness)
  • Special Needs Outreach