School-wide Learning Opportunities

Learning to Love our Neighbor

The Trinity Institute serves our wider school community by bringing issues of justice and service, empathy and understanding to the forefront of our school culture. Not only are students encouraged to participate in the Trinity Institute project groups, many of the signature programs of Boston Trinity Academy are run by the Trinity Institute for Leadership and Social Justice. Boston Day takes students beyond the walls of our school and into the heart of our city to see the people, systems, and environment that surrounds us. Each January during J-Term, students spend a week discovering a region of the world, exploring its culture, meeting its people, and grappling with the issues and opportunities they face. May Term encourages juniors to discover their own identity and passions, as well as the barriers that prevent communities - both their own and others - from thriving. Senior Symposium culminates the Boston Trinity education, requiring seniors to complete a 20-page research paper and oral defense on a topic of social importance through the lens of various frameworks of justice.