Empowering Students to Lead and Love

The Trinity Institute for Leadership and Social Justice is a leadership development and service program that empowers Boston Trinity Academy students to integrate faith, learning, and service. Through civic engagement and personal actions, students raise awareness of local and global concerns and develop as servant leaders.

One of the major goals of education is to provide students with a clear vision for living a fulfilling life. Such a life includes deep connections with the wider community that is informed by the biblical mandate for restoration between God, people, and the world in right relationships. Our goal is to not only develop student leaders who are active, engaged, and personally responsible people. We aim to go deeper, teaching Boston Trinity Academy students to be thoughtful, justice-minded, and service-oriented leaders.

The Trinity Institute has three main components: leadership trainings, student-led project groups, and school-wide learning opportunities.

Leadership Training

We believe students need to exercise leadership in context. One tenet of Boston Trinity Academy’s mission is to develop student leaders who work for the greater good of the society as a whole. The Trinity Institute aims to raise awareness of various societal challenges and justice issues not just locally, but globally. We teach Boston Trinity students to explore questions such as: How have healthy human relationships been broken in the context of a particular issue? How can one help to bring about restoration of what is fair, just, and healthy? What are the root-causes of some specific injustices we see in our communities and in our world?


Student-led Project Groups

The Trinity Institute for Leadership and Social Justice serves as an incubator for student-led project groups. Each group focuses on a specific issue of justice and service. These groups are pioneered and led by students, reflecting the passions of the student leaders and the needs we see around us. Each group essentially operates as a mini NGO within the school and in the community, as student leaders research their issue and strategize and implement plans to advocate, raise awareness, or directly meet a felt need pertaining to their focus issue.

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School-wide Learning Opportunities

The Trinity Institute provides opportunities for all Boston Trinity students to gain awareness of issues facing our community and our world through several school-wide initiatives. From Middle School on, students participate in programs such as Boston Day, J-Term, May Term, and Senior Symposium. These opportunities take students outside of their typical studies in order to expand their point of view and integrate their learning with concern of faith, justice, service, and community.

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