Is Worship Worth It?

Valerie Ferrara

2017 First Chapel

Boston Trinity's first Chapel service of the year was held Wednesday morning, August 30. It was a familiar experience for most, but a new experience for some, including our new Chaplain, Mr. Omar Brown. Mr. Brown expressed how excited he is to be here, and asked students to open their hearts and let the scripture minister to them.

Mr. Frank Guerra, Headmaster, delivered the message, entitled "Worshiping God: Is it Worth It?"

"We were made to worship," Mr. Guerra said. "Animals don't worship. People do. We will worship God, or we will worship something else." Mr. Guerra went on to explain that worshiping any thing – wealth, nature, education -- is worship that makes oneself the king, rather than leading to the King of kings. If we worship something other than God, that thing is an idol. Many people choose idols that "soothe," thinking they can control those things, i.e. alcohol, drugs, pornography, sex – until those things become addictive.

A bleak scenario? Not when we look in the New Testament and find a miracle baby: Emmanuel, "God with us." God remains faithful in our unfaithfulness; He doesn't get weary of us and our sin and say, "I'm done with you!" Instead, He decided that we were "to die for."

Matthew chapter 4 tells us that Peter, Andrew, James, and John left everything to follow Christ. We have the same choice – to "drop our nets" and follow Christ, or remain in our little kingdom of one. "My hope is that we, at Boston Trinity Academy, will become a worshiping community of people who drop their 'nets' and follow Jesus," Mr. Guerra concluded.

Dig deeper: read Exodus 32:17-20 and then Deuteronomy 10:12-22. Discuss Mr. Guerra's questions with your student.

  1. Why worship God, and is it worth it?
  2. What are the obstacles to worshiping God, and will you worship Him when things go wrong, or will you blame Him for what is wrong?
  3. What are the "golden calves" of our time and culture?
  4. Will we, at Boston Trinity Academy, be a worshiping community or just another school?