Hearing and Responding to God

Chapel is a time set apart from the hectic nature of daily school life that allows faculty and students to come together for a time of biblical teaching, religious contemplation, and corporate worship. Pastors, community leaders, faculty members, and fellow students are invited to address the community. The student chapel bands also lead the group in singing contemporary worship songs and traditional hymns.

Chapel Recaps

Wednesday's Chapel opened on a solemn note as we paid tribute to the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. As Dr. Zach Phillips, father or BTA student Kanai, began his address, he mused, "What do you say on 9/11? Many people were affected by that day. I've known people who were deeply affected by that day." Dr. Phillips continued to say that on a day like Wednesday, when people commemorate a tragic event, it is appropriate to talk about hope. Not only is hope an appropriate topic, he said, "We don't hope for enough."

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Reverend Dr. Bland Mason, pastor of City on a Hill Church in Brookline, addressed this year's Convocation assembly. Dr. Mason is also a volunteer chaplain for the Boston Red Sox. He shared what it was like to be at Dodgers Stadium for the final game of the 2018 World Series, when the Sox won the series championship. He described it as a "life marker" moment, something that would never be forgotten. He then said, "Life isn't really like that, is it? It isn't a series of all life marker moments." Instead, many people can't get over their past, or see beyond the present. "However, God has grace for this," Dr. Mason said.    

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Stories...we all love them. We love telling them. We love hearing them. Boston Trinity was blessed to hear Headmaster Frank Guerra tell a story when he spoke in the first Chapel of the year Wednesday morning. Mr. Guerra told part of his story, of his father's story: a man severely wounded in WWII; a man of great determination; a man who instilled in his son that no obstacle was so great that it could not be overcome. BUT...

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