Musical Arts

Boston Trinity Academy’s music program acknowledges that every student is musical and strives to nurture every student’s musicality. Our desire is to provide a well-rounded music education that promotes music as an art and as an academic discipline. In addition to exposing students to a diverse array of excellent music from around the world, we strive to enable all students to sing joyfully, perform confidently, listen intelligently, express themselves creatively, and investigate curiously.

Middle School Music

The middle school music program is compulsory for all students in grades 6-8. Each year, students progress through an introductory music course which combines choir with general music. During the course, students will improve their singing, perform in two school concerts each year, learn piano skills, develop their knowledge of music theory, and compose music of their own. The middle school program aims to give students a thorough grounding in musical basics, in order that all students can express themselves musically.

Upper School Music

In the Upper School, we offer four optional programs: Upper School Choir, Chamber Ensemble, Jazz Band, and Chapel Band.

Upper School Choir

The Upper School Choir is open to all students in grades 9-12, regardless of musical experience. The choir works on a variety of repertoire: from Gregorian Chant to Motown; from Renaissance Polyphony to A Capella. Students also learn the skills of ensemble and tuning, and developing their own individual voices. The choir plays a part in leading worship in the school and represents the school in the wider community.

Jazz Band

Students in The Eclectics, Boston Trinity's jazz band, reflect the diversity of the school's student body through their individual approaches to making music and their distinctive musical backgrounds. Group and independent practice translate into the overall success and enjoyment of the ensemble. Collaborating with the instructor, students select repertoire and create arrangements that highlight the group's diversity and unique instrumentation and offer a meaningful understanding of jazz history and the masters of the jazz idiom. Opportunities for solo performance and small group features within songs are a signature of the ensemble.

Chapel Band

Chamber Ensemble

The Chamber Music Ensemble is an opportunity for a small ensemble of musicians to study and perform classical chamber pieces. Music is chosen and arranged according to the membership of the ensemble. Typically, the group is comprised of a combination of strings, piano, woodwind, and brass. Students are carefully assessed and participants receive an hour of coaching each week. The Chamber Ensemble performs in at least 2 concerts during the year.