Musical Arts

Boston Trinity Academy’s music program acknowledges that every student is musical and strives to nurture every student’s musicality. Our desire is to provide a well-rounded music education that promotes music as an art and as an academic discipline. In addition to exposing students to a diverse array of excellent music from around the world, we strive to enable all students to sing joyfully, perform confidently, listen intelligently, express themselves creatively, and investigate curiously.

Middle School Music

The middle school program aims to give students a thorough grounding in musical basics, in order that all students can express themselves musically

Upper School Music

In the Upper School, we offer three optional programs: Upper School Choir, Chamber Ensemble, and Jazz Band.
Please note:

After 2 years of the pandemic, we are excited as we rebuild our Music program. We currently offer Chamber Ensemble as a course. We also have an excellent Madrigal Choir as a student run club.

In 2024, we plan on reviving the Jazz Ensemble/Eclectics and a student run gospel choir.

This year we've added Voice and Collaborative Piano to our offerings with Dr. Sarah Broomell. Dr. Broomell, performer, instructor, choral director and musical director taught music theory and piano in the theater division of The Boston Conservatory at Berklee. She is an accomplished, versatile pianist, singer and conductor of multiple styles of music including chamber music, opera, art song, choral singing, musical theater, folk and rock. As a valued accompanist, vocal coach, choral director, singer and teacher in institutions across the US and Canada, she is a proficient and open-minded collaborator.

We are focused on restoring our Music program as we recognize its critical role in the life of the school.


Musical Arts Faculty

Kirstin Peltz

Kirstin Peltz