Alumni Recognition Award

Realizing that a Boston Trinity Academy education prepares students for future achievements both in college and beyond, we have established the Alumni Recognition Award.

Alumni who have made significant contributions in these areas are eligible for this award:

  • Academics
  • The Arts
  • Career
  • Service
  • Sports

Nominations can be made by fellow alumni, former or present teachers, coaches, employers, parents, or personally. The following criteria must apply :

  • Five (5) years must have elapsed from the date of the nominee's graduation.
  • The nominee must have demonstrated a good record while at Boston Trinity Academy.
  • The personal conduct of the nominee must be in accord with the ideals and standards of Boston Trinity Academy.

Rachel Strasner Gawlak '07 Recipient of 2016 Alumni Recognition Award.


BTA 2016 Alumni Recognition Award Winner

This is the fifth year of the Boston Trinity Academy Alumni Recognition Award, and it is given in recognition that a Boston Trinity Academy education prepares students for leadership and service in college and beyond.

As a student here, Rachel Strasner (now Rachel Gawlak) loved the performing arts and was involved in numerous dramatic performances. She also served on Student Council including being named Student Council Vice-President in her senior year. She graduated in 2007 and went on to Gordon College graduating four years later with a Bachelor of Arts (Theatre Arts & English Literature) in 2011.

Since graduating from Gordon, she has worked for a number of theater companies including co-founding The 5th Wall Theater Company in 2012 where she has helped write, choreograph, and perform numerous plays. She volunteers her time as a youth leader at the East Baptist Church in Lynn, MA where her husband is the youth pastor. She also works as Site Coordinator and After School Teacher at Camp Fire North Shore. She has also been involved co-founding and directing the Global Youth Leadership Institute in Chiquila, Mexico.

For her accomplishments and service, we are delighted and proud to honor Rachel Gawlak with this year's Boston Trinity Academy Alumni Recognition Award.