Alumni Recognition Award

Realizing that a Boston Trinity Academy education prepares students for future achievements both in college and beyond, we have established the Alumni Recognition Award.

Alumni who have made significant contributions in these areas are eligible for this award:

  • Academics
  • The Arts
  • Career
  • Service
  • Sports

Nominations can be made by fellow alumni, former or present teachers, coaches, employers, parents, or personally. The following criteria must apply :

  • Five (5) years must have elapsed from the date of the nominee's graduation.
  • The nominee must have demonstrated a good record while at Boston Trinity Academy.
  • The personal conduct of the nominee must be in accord with the ideals and standards of Boston Trinity Academy.

Kaitlyn Jessee '09 Recipient of 2018 Alumni Recognition Award

Kaitlyn Jessee '09 Wins Alumni Recognition Award

The Boston Trinity Academy Alumni Recognition Award is given in recognition that a Boston Trinity Academy education prepares students for leadership and service in college and beyond.

Dr. Kaitlyn Jessee, from the class of 2009, was awarded the Alumni Recognition Award. After graduating from Boston Trinity, Kaitlyn began pharmacy school at the University of Connecticut (UCONN) where she became a proud Husky. Kaitlyn immediately got involved in Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at UCONN and began attending a local church knowing she would need community and support during her studies.

During that time at UCONN, she also decided to take on the extra workload of a curriculum that focused on providing health care to the undeserved. Upon receiving her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2013, she was also awarded with U.S. Public Health Service Excellence Award.

After graduation, she started working in the community and got married to Von Jessee. She continued engaging in the same events she did as a student, but now as Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice for UCONN. From counseling patients on medications, to help with substance abuse at rehabilitation centers, to educating families on getting affordable medications through public outreach, she was able to continue to use the gifts God had given her to serve.

Most impressively, Kaitlyn is currently in a position that embodies all that she stands for. She works as a clinical pharmacist at the Cornell Scott Health Center in the underserved neighborhood of New Haven known as "The Hill". Similar to the neighborhood Kaitlyn grew up in (Chelsea, MA), the hill community presents with a lot of challenges from poverty to high substance abuse and violence. She spends her days working with patients and providers to make sure every patient is prescribed the right medication and are able to afford the right resources to come to the pharmacy to pick them up. She also follows up with all of her patients to ensure they are receiving optimal health care.

Not only is her work within this community, but she also lives and attends church in the same community. For a while Kaitlyn was commuting over two hours a day to go to The Hill. Both her and Vonn saw the importance of being an active part of the community they serve and thus decided to relocate to that area. This enables them to regularly host Bible studies in their home, gladly opening their doors, and their hearts, to the community.

Kaitlyn was shaped by the mission and morals of Boston Trinity Academy and is now living out a life of servant leadership. She is pleased to be this year's winner and accepted her award on Prize Day in May. She has been invited to speak at chapel during Homecoming Week in October.