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Class of 2006

Moriah Garcia Nelson

Baby Garcia Nelson

Carlos and I welcomed this little chick into the Garcia Nelson family on Easter Sunday! - Spring 2020

Faith Hinz

Faith HInz's new baby Teddy

Our son Teddy Hinz was born on February 6th! - Spring 2020.


Class of 2007

Leighanne Sturgis Dunlop

Leighanne got married

I got married twice in 2020 (to the same person!). We had our legal wedding in Mexico because it was the only country that allowed both US and UK citizens (my husband is from Scotland). With our marriage license we were able to apply for my visa to live and work in the UK. After our church wedding in November we received news that my visa was granted and I finally joined my husband in Scotland after 2 years of long distance (with 4 months of that as a married couple). So now I live and work in Glasgow Scotland with my husband Peter! - Spring 2021

Joqui Girón-Meléndez

A year ago, my husband and I moved into our new apartment in the small Caribbean island of Grenada. We moved in order for my husband to begin his medical school journey. Though I didn't work for the first 4 months, I stumbled upon a Montessori school and got a job teaching Spanish and was Head Teacher for grade 5-6.

Due to COVID, our life in Grenada got interrupted and we were required to be evacuated from Grenada. Since March 16th, we've been in Boston, living once again with our parents (one week in Chelsea, one week in Millbury). My husband and I continued our commitments via Zoom and in the summer, we found out that we wouldn't be able to return to Grenada. Therefore I had to leave my Montessori job.

Now I am back at BTA serving the school in a different way. In addition to screening students as they enter the building, I help students navigate and organize their time on their asynchronous days. My new role is fantastic because I am able to serve the students in non-authoritative way. I am able to come alongside them in these odd times while still addressing matters of character. Though I am happy to serve BTA again, at times I struggle with disappointment. I wish my new life hadn't been interrupted yet I cannot ignore God's provision and faithfulness so far in this pandemic. I don't know what the future holds but I do know who is holding it, and that's enough for me. - Fall 2020


Class of 2008

Halier Martinez

Halier at Mayan pyramid in Cancun

Seeing how 2020 had the world on hold, not much has changed in terms of my goals and career. Once school starts up for in-class session, I will start my pursuit to becoming a firefighter. Currently, the Arizona heat has kicked, in giving us week-long temperatures of 110+. So, work and an air-conditioned household have been my saving grace. The children are growing and developing as the days go on. Daniel (7) has been learning a vast amount of school subjects and general knowledge. Damian (4) is becoming more verbal and environmentally inept. Their mother and I learned the hard way how difficult it is to be a teacher without being biased towards them and figuring out what's their best path of learning.

At work I have not had any real shocking experiences with COVID-19 cases, our state and hospital have had low amounts of cases coming through, and for that I am grateful because my family has less exposure.

The next subject I can relate to is travel. Last year, we traveled to Dominican Republic, Cancun, and Mexico City. Once this pandemic clears up, we plan to travel to Japan, Singapore, and France for our next trips. - Spring 2020.

Jay Taylor

Jay with baby

John Stanley Taylor was born January 19. The whole family is doing great, settling in. We are staying safe and enjoying life. I transferred to a new duty station right as all this started, and long story short, I can't actually start that job until after I have what is normally deemed an elective surgery. So, I have just been at home with Bethany and baby for four wonderful months now. - Spring 2020.


Class of 2009

Ashley Costa Hayward

James Ashley and baby Theo

My husband, James and I just celebrated the birth of our first son! Theo Jackson Hayward was born on June 13, 2021 at 10:46 p.m and weighed 7 lbs and 6 oz. He was born at Winchester Hospital and we're so over the moon and so in love. We're incredibly grateful that he came out healthy and is so happy. Glory to God! - Summer 2021


Class of 2010

Ian Mulholland

Ian spent three years living in Delhi while working for the Self-Employed Women's Association, the world's largest trade union of informal sector workers. Ian supported the growth of SEWA's producer companies across India while also building and leading digital initiatives within the organization. Ian returned to Boston in 2018 to work at MIT Solve -- an initiative to help tech based entrepreneurs in underserved parts of the world grow through MIT's expertise and resources -- he manages the tech and data infrastructure at the organization. - Fall 2020


Class of 2011

Paul Park

After I graduated Purdue, I moved back to Boston to work at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where I focused on developing small molecule inhibitors for various types of cancer. Then, in fall 2019, I started my PhD in BBS program at Harvard to study and learn more about potential ways to develop novel cancer therapies. I hope that my research will translate into helping patients in the future! - Spring 2020

Kadeem Thompson

Ballerism Logo

Kadeem Basketball

I graduated from Saint Mary's University in 2017 with a BA in Psychology. I went on to play semi-pro basketball in England, UK. I also coached the U17 and U18 basketball teams. I decided to take a year off to build my foundation off the court. (I started thinking long-term and bigger picture!) I came back to Toronto where I am from. Within a year, I was able to build the company Ballerism Activewear and am CEO/Founder. Check it out here.  Ballerism is an active wear clothing line that specializes in sport themed retail items, and custom team uniforms for all athletics. The brand was created for more than just the ballers. It represents the doers of our society, the sharp minds who execute, the resilient attitudes that persevere, and the focused personalities that make up the winners. - Winter 2021


Class of 2012

Rachel Fiolek

Rachel Engagement Photo

I'm an Associate at Brown Brothers Harriman, and am currently working as a business analyst in their Relationship Management department. My team supports the RM's by providing them with the tools and technologies they need to service their clients. 

In my free time I like to train for triathlons. Lobsterman in Maine has been my favorite. It's a rural and hilly but beautiful course. I travelled to the Holy Land and Turkey right before lockdowns started and hope to achieve my goal of 30 countries by age 30. I still have 10 to go so we'll see!

I'm getting married this October - Spring 2021

Yaritza Gomez

Yaritza DVM

I am working now at Fresh Pond Animal Hospital in Belmont, MA. I primarily work with small animals but sometimes get wildlife critters! I love my job! - Spring 2021

Izzi McPherson

Izzi and Craig Wedding

This past summer, I married my best friend, Craig. We are now expecting a baby girl in March, so I am taking some time away from work to tend the house and raise our child. My husband teaches and coaches for a private Christian school in Hackensack New Jersey. Moving to New Jersey, settling in a new town and preparing for a baby has been an exciting adventure! - Fall 2020


Class of 2013

Matt Benjamin

Matt and Fiance

I am currently working at Progressive Insurance. I'm engaged and planning a wedding for November 2021.


Emilie Hodge Osman

Emilie and daughter

Siwar and I are still serving among the Syrian refugee community in Turkey and we are expecting a baby boy in October! - Spring 2021.

Molly Richmond

Molly and Nate

I just finished my 2nd year at Harvard Law School and have held several different internships throughout law school - with a federal judge, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, and with an international law firm. This August I'll be marrying my fiancé Nate Otey! Shortly after that, we plan to move to the UK for a year for a joint degree program I am pursuing. - Spring 2021


Class of 2014

Joanna Balla-Elliott

Dylan and I are moving to Chicago this August for him to begin his PhD in Economics at University of Chicago. I'll be teaching 5th grade at a small, faith-based IB school in the city - Spring 2021

Derrick Du

Derrick and Bride


Derrick got married in the Fall of 2020!

Sam Melton

Sam at Disney

Got married on October 16, 2020!

Toni Oloko

Toni and Dr. Mike Milway (BTA Faculty) participated in an informal virtual fireside chat on Zoom to discuss how a great education can be leveraged to disrupt the world of dentistry for good. Toni is the co-founder of Dandy, the fastest growing dental tech startup in the United States. To date, Dandy has raised over $60M.

Amanda Perkins Ward

Amanda's wedding photo

On May 21, 2021, I married my college sweetheart Ryan Ward! It was the most lovely Boston wedding, and we are so thankful that the pandemic had declined enough to make it feel like a truly carefree celebration. Ryan and I met through the Bowdoin Christian Fellowship. We now live in East Boston and are (mostly) working from home this summer. Ryan is studying for the Bar Exam full time after graduating from Northeastern Law School, and I am on and off Martha's Vineyard running summer programs for high school and middle school students through my ministry organization, FOCUS. - Spring 2021

Zachary Ravichandran

Zac Ravichandran Portrait Photo

This is the tenth year of the Boston Trinity Academy Alumni Recognition Award, and it is given in recognition that a Boston Trinity Academy education prepares students for leadership and service in college and beyond.

Zachary Ravichandran leads a life of faith, integrity, and service and by his own account, his Boston Trinity Academy education prepared him to become a servant-leader. After graduating BTA in 2014, he attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and during summers, he worked as an intern software engineer for BAE Systems, MITRE Corporation, and Trip Advisor.

He graduated RPI Summa Cum Laude in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and received the Wynant-James William Prize, awarded for outstanding scholarship.

Currently, Zac serves as a Computer Vision Engineer at MIT's Lincoln Labs developing computer vision algorithms that relate to object detention, semantic segmentation, image segmentation, and 3D mapping of autonomy systems.

He also serves as a Boston Fellow because of his love of and service to others based on the redemptive love of Jesus. One of his nominators commented, "Although a quiet leader and one not to boast of his accomplishments, Zachary Ravichandran takes every task seriously stewarding his energy and resources to promote God's justice."

We are delighted and proud to honor Zac Ravichandran with the 2021 Boston Trinity Academy Alumni Recognition Award.


Class of 2015

Dylan Balla-Elliott

Dylan and Joanna are moving to Chicago this August where Dylan will begin his PhD in Economics at University of Chicago.  - Spring 2021

Victoria Hansbury

I graduated this spring from Southern Adventist University with a B.S. in Biomedical Biology and minor in Chemistry. I will be attending Columbia University's College of Dental Medicine in the fall as the next step in pursuing my dream of becoming a dentist. - Spring 2020.

Michael Picard

I stayed an extra semester at UConn because I needed more time to finish my second major in Philosophy, but I have now graduated. Technically, I graduated 2020 with a BS in Molecular Cell Biology and Philosophy. All is going well, currently I am applying for medical schools and am in the middle of the application process. I plan on working as a medical scribe this summer in Boston and then hopefully attending a medical school in the Fall of 2021. - Spring 2020.

Angelina Singer

Angelina at her book table

I published my sixth book on June 21st while freelance writing and editing as much as I can. I’m also still managing my crocheted art business by joining vendor shows, handling online orders, and setting up a consignment deal with a local boutique. My dream is to get into music journalism, so I also write music reviews for Boston Sports Desk and Motif Magazine. I hope to expand into larger music publications such as SPIN Magazine or Alternative Press Magazine with the help of my music industry colleagues with west coast connections who may be able to facilitate. - Spring 2021


Class of 2016

Pelumi Aderogba

I originally graduated a semester early (Dec 2019) but wanted to walk with the rest of my class (May 2020). I essentially graduated with Barney Honors from the Barney School of Business at the University of Hartford. For my senior year, I was president of African Student Union on campus and previously Vice President of ASU for 2 Years. I've recently joined Hillyer College, University of Hartford's Board of Visitors. As I finished school, I got an offer at Optum Ventures, a venture capital firm in Boston. - Spring 2020.

Grace Buckner

I just graduated from UMass Amherst with a B.S. in Public Health in May. While working on my degree, I had the opportunity to do research on the use of big data to tackle the opioid epidemic. I also interned with SNAP Education doing nutrition education in Lawrence, Lynn and Lowell last summer. My interest in organizational development and health policy has led me to pursue an accelerated, one-year, Masters in Public Policy, also at UMass Amherst. Pro-tip for current BTA students: state schools give you so much college credit for AP's. Work hard now, thank Mr. Belk later. Fun fact: I forgot to purchase my UMass graduation gear before COVID, so my trusty forest green BTA cap and gown came out of the closet for the at-home virtual graduation. - Spring 2020.

Janique Jean

Janique Graduates

I recently graduated in May 2020 from Salem State University with a major in Healthcare. During my time at Salem State a few things I did was become a Resident Assistant, president of my majors organization, and a student manager at my on campus job.

I will be completing my masters degree in Higher Education this fall 2020 at Salem State with an assistantship at Babson College in their Student Engagement office and a second assistantship at the STEP (Student Transition and Engagement Program) office. My assistantships come with free tuition and a free apartment! - Spring 2020


Class of 2017

Sam Belk

Sam Belk at Front Desk

Sam Belk is spending the school year working at BTA. - Fall 2020

Click here to read an interview with Sam about his experience.


Class of 2018

Jonathan Hodge

I am currently in my third year of undergrad, pursuing a bachelor's in nursing at UMass Boston. I am working in the VA hospital and have met some really interesting people during my time there. I moved to Quincy, MA this year as part of a new church plant in the city and am spending most of my time outside of school helping out with the church ministry here. I was playing on the UMass Boston baseball team last year but our season has been postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19. - Fall 2020

Ian Weston

Ian at Marathon Finish Line

In May, Ian ran the Providence Marathon with two ROTC friends. Recently, he won the following three ROTC awards and was appointed the Bay State Battalion Cadet Commander at WPI. - Spring 2021

The Association of the United States Army Medal
Given to a military science junior cadet ranking in the top 10% in ROTC grades, top 25% in academic grades, and who has demonstrated leadership to advance the standing of military science at the institution.

Veterans of Foreign Affairs Award
Presented in recognition of his outstanding performance, active participation in the ROTC program, and demonstration of character contributing to leadership. To be eligible, the cadet must be in good standing academically and militarily, must have outstanding achievement in community service and/or the cadet program. High moral character, exceptional professionalism in appearance and actions, outstanding military bearing. Potential and willingness to assume higher levels of responsibility and be involved in patriotic programs.

Lexington-Concord Chapter Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Scholarship Award
Recognizes a junior or senior cadet majoring in a scientific or technical field and who demonstrates outstanding officer potential.


Class of 2019

Evan Weston

What a year it has been! For me, I spent my sophomore year at Suffolk University learning from home. Definitely not what I anticipated but looking back I was actually able to accomplish a lot, amidst a pandemic. This year I pushed myself to stay involved in my college community even though I was not on campus. I re-ran for a Senator seat for the Class of 2023 in the Student Government Association and was elected! I became the Class of 2023 representative for the Finance Committee where I was also voted in as Secretary. The Finance Committee handles the activities fee portion of student tuition which allows clubs and organizations to have a budget. I had the ability to have a say in how that money was used and vote yes or no on requests from groups. After being on the committee for almost a year, I decided to run as Treasurer of the Student Government Association in March and won. I am excited to serve the student body on SGA E-board and for all the things I will be able to accomplish through that. 

Aside from my involvement in SGA, I am an active member in my chapter of Theta Phi Alpha sorority. I served as sisterhood chair spring semester and was able to host online sisterhood events since we were not able to meet in person. There's quite a bit you can do over Zoom! It doesn't stop there.....In the spring I ran for Recruitment Chair and Social Chair of my sorority. I will be in charge of running the entire weeklong recruitment process and every detail that comes along for this huge event in September. As Social Chair I will be planning events with other greek organizations on campus, as well as, other colleges in Boston. Lastly, I was voted in as the Junior representative for our Standards Board which handles the sorority's conflicts and other private matters. 

I am so grateful for these opportunities and all the lessons I have and will learn from these positions. My love for leadership started at BTA and it hasn't stopped. - Spring 2021


Class of 2020

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Class of 2021

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