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2019 Class Notes

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Class of 2006

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Class of 2007

Joqui Girón-Meléndez

Joqui's view of the ocean in Grenada

At the end of July 2019, Miguel and I got married via city hall and only had a family gathering to celebrate our civil union. A couple weeks later we moved to Grenada in order for my husband to begin medical school at St. George's University. We'll live here for two years and then return to the States for him to complete his clinical rotations.

In the meantime, I am not able to work in Grenada since my career isn't in the medical field so I spend a lot of time learning to be a housewife. Being a housewife was never part of my "life plan" and before moving here I wondered if I'd have some "identity crisis" issue but thankfully by God's grace, I am thriving here. To name a few, I have the opportunity to have new experiences and to meet people from various walks of life. I attend workshops for different life skills and I volunteer twice a week at an after school program. I read a lot and I spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking for dinner recipes.

Though being in the Caribbean is indeed beautiful, with only being independent for a little over 45 years, it is interesting to see locals collaborating in defining what it means to be Grenadian since this country was occupied by three people groups. I look forward to building relationships with Grenadians and taking part of what God is doing in this country. - Fall 2019


Leighanne Sturgis

I currently live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and work for B.Creative Studios. I am the Creative Lead and Head Photographer for our two brands, Voyage Pictures (our commercial brand) and Bradley Productions (our wedding and lifestyle brand). In my last two years with the studio I have photographed, filmed, and edited a little over 70 weddings. On the commercial side of the studio I have filmed, directed, and edited several projects including an episode for an international travel television show. While Grand Rapids will never be Boston, the craft beer flows freely, traffic does not exist, Lake Michigan is beautiful, and the rent is wildly inexpensive... +1 for West Michigan. - Spring 2018


Class of 2008

John Howard

Caroline and I continue to love living in London and foresee ourselves staying here for at least the next several years. I am engaged in a number of investments spanning from the US to Europe to Australia, and Caroline is finding success at her technology firm. We have a great group of friends through church and otherwise, and have been fortunate to travel over a large swath of Europe and Asia on our weekends and holidays. We're grateful that our family has been able to join us for a lot of these adventures too, and we've had the chance to form some really wonderful memories with them in places like Israel and Portugal over this past summer. - Spring 2018

Halier Martinez

Halier and children

Currently, i am working in one of the major branches of a hospital in Phoenix, AZ as a medical assistant. I am also working towards becoming a firefighter, and hopefully can achieve that goal in the next couple of years. - Fall 2019


Class of 2009

Eliot DeLorme

I currently live in Minneapolis with my wife, Olivia and our two kids, Graham (2.5 years old) and Lucy (8 months). I  graduated from Bethlehem College with a Bachelor's degree in Biblical and Theological Studies. I transferred from Northwestern to Bethlehem and graduated in 2014. I am currently working on a Master of Divinity at Bethlehem Seminary. - Spring 2018


Hannah Strasner

I am currently in Mexico for the third summer as Operations Director for the Chiquila Youth Leadership Program, Last year, I was promoted to be the Director of Educational Services for Care Net! Last September, I was honored to be chosen as a workshop speaker for the Care Net National Conference. Pretty cool. I love what I do and plan to continue with Care Net for however long God has me. - Spring 2018


Class of 2010

Alexandra (Knowles) Kahveci

Alexandra graduated in June 2018 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Masters in City Planning, specializing in mediation, negotiation, and environmental policy. - Spring 2018


Class of 2011

Daniel Howard

Danny's wedding

Daniel finished his third year with FOCUS Raleigh and moved to Boston on June 1. On June 22, he and his fiancé flew back down to Raleigh to get married with friends and family at the beautiful Gregg Museum on NC State's campus. After honeymooning in Asheville, NC, Grace and Daniel returned to Boston. Since returning, Daniel has begun two new exciting career opportunities. During the school day, Daniel serves as a Teacher's Aid at Boston Trinity Academy for the 6th grade, and from 3:30pm-8pm he works as an Assistant Coach for the MIT Men's Basketball team. Grace is a graphic designer, currently working for Yasso in Quincy, MA. In January she will be embarking on a new career journey, as Yasso will be moving their headquarters to Colorado.

The Howards are loving life back in Roslindale. The mix of familiar stomping grounds with new life events is a joyous and exciting time! Daniel remains very close with his brother John ('08), Sam Walker ('09), Ben Moses ('11), and Luke Walker ('11). They get together multiple times a year to fellowship and encourage each other. - Fall 2019


Elyud Ismail

I earned my second Masters degree in 2017 at Singapore University of Technology and Design in Engineering Product Development. My thesis title was, "Design Principles for the Additive Manufacturing of Fibre-Reinforced Structures." I had a very good time enjoying the culture, the food, the people, the university etc. It was a memorable experience. I returned last September and now I've been working at a research consortium just outside of Richmond, VA since January 2018. I am a researcher in the Manufacturing Science and Technology division. - Spring 2018


Lily Montagna and Christian Wolfe

On Mountain Time album cover

The singer-songwriter duo Christian Wolfe and Lily Montagna is back with a new original album, On Mountain Time. Having started our musical career at Boston Trinity through the chapel band, we continued our mutual love of music through various venues including youth group band and eventually a band of our own. You can hear all of our music, including the latest, on Our house show featuring the latest tracks was filmed live back in August and can be viewed here. We are thrilled to still be using our passions and talents together and hope that the music will be enjoyed by all. - Fall 2019


Class of 2012

Daniel Park

I recently finished up a dual-degree masters program in Sustainable Development and Finance from HEC Paris and the Norwegian School of Economics. Currently, I'm working on finishing up my master's thesis on the Macro and Micro-Economic Determinants of Private Equity in Emerging Market Nations. I also moved to New York recently and will be working in Strategy Consulting at AT Kearney, a mid-size strategy firm. - Spring 2018


Class of 2013

Consuela Elugardo

I work as a Foster Care Case Manager at Northeast Center for Youth and Families. I visit foster homes around Boston and the North Shore to be sure the kids are doing well and the parents have the support they need. I 'm getting married in August so that is where most of my attention is! I'm also helping out when I can with my mom's campaign. Her election is coming up in November which is exciting! - Spring 2018


Erica Forkner

I recently started a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Wheaton College Graduate School. My love of psychology began my senior year at Boston Trinity Academy during my AP Psychology class with Dr. Chireac! - Fall 2019


Emilie Hodge

Emilie's Wedding

My husband Siwar and I are living in a town outside of Istanbul, Turkey and working with Syrian refugees here. We mainly do home visits but this year we opened a drop in center for our Syrian families. Here is a photo from our wedding last year. We are expecting a baby girl in January 2020. 


Kyranna Mamalakis

Kyranna's wedding photo

I got married this summer! - Fall 2019


Alex Xu

I had been working at AIG as a Technology Analyst in Fort Worth, Texas, but I've started a new role with Dell in Austin as a Supply Chain Analyst. I love living in Texas. The DFW metroplex is very spread-out. Everything is bigger here (weather is hotter as well). - Spring 2018


Class of 2014

Joanna Balla

Dylan and Joanna's Wedding with BTA Friends

Dylan and I got married on June 30, 2019 in Providence, RI. It was fun to have many BTA'ers in attendance, as that was where it all started! Currently, we are living in Allston as Dylan works at Harvard Business School and I teach 5th grade at The Fessenden School. - Fall 2019


Isabel Espinosa Schatz

Isabel graduated from Harvard in May, got married in July, and has started a master's program at the University of Oxford in England. - Spring 2018

Joanna (Roberts) Sorensen

I got married in Texas on May 25, 2018 and am moving to Japan in the fall because my husband is in the Air Force. - Spring 2018


Class of 2015

Dylan Elliott-Hart

Dylan married Joanna Balla '14 on June 30, 2019! Scroll up to see group photo.

Daniel Forkner

I have moved to Colorado Springs and am now working as a Client Service Associate at Investortools, Inc. I enjoy living in Colorado because of the accessibility of so many great activities -  hiking, rock climbing, fly-fishing, skiing, exploring, canoeing, rafting, mountain biking, skiing, hunting, shooting, and so much more. Also, 300 days of sun is quite the selling point! - Fall 2019


Angelina Singer

Angelina at her crochet table

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Stonehill College in May with an English Major and a Double Minor in Music and Creative Writing. Now, I'm working on my fifth book and hoping to land an independent book deal with it. I'm also still writing concert reviews for the Boston Sports Desk, and have most recently covered big-ticket acts like Heart, as well as Florence and the Machine, just to name a couple. I also interview bands whenever I can which is super fun and will hopefully help me get more experience in the realm of music journalism, which is ultimately what I'd like to do professionally.

I'm still helping coach music programs at the music store I've been a student at for over a decade, and am now in the process of training to teach guitar hopefully within a year or two. And on the side of all that, I still do craft fairs with my crocheted art business, Custom Crocheted Critters, which has more recently gotten some media attention by Alternative Press and Digital Tour Bus for my rockstar look-alike dolls. A couple of the musicians who received my dolls have showed them off in their tour bus interviews, which have gotten thousands of views on YouTube.

Now I'm still in the process looking for writing jobs, but I have a feeling I'll be plenty busy until then with all this other fun stuff I get to do. - Fall 2019


Class of 2016

Bea Edmonds

Bea in Beijing

I worked at a great coffee shop in Boston called George Howell Coffee that won best of Boston while i was there, and am now onto big next steps as I am studying abroad with Middlebury College in Beijing this semester and then Kunming next semester! It is going well but nothing short of extremely challenging! Great food here though! - Spring 2018


Class of 2017

Grace Kim

After graduating from BTA, I took a gap year and spent five months with my family who moved to Kenya in July to do medical mission work. During my time there, I worked at Rift Valley Academy, a mission boarding school, where I assisted the ESL teacher and music director and gave violin lessons to interested students. I also worked at the hospital for a crowdfunding program called Watsi by writing stories about pediatric patients needing financial assistance from donors.

I returned to the U.S. in December and have been working as a full-time medical receptionist at a dermatologist's office in Boston. Through these experiences, I learned valuable lessons about both the mission life and work life and was given many opportunities I would've missed out on had I gone straight to college. - Spring 2018


Class of 2018

Tarim Ojuka

For work the summer, I did a paid internship at Tufts Medical Center through Tufts University School of medicine (TAHSS) where I shadowed a pediatric doctor and saw patients with him and saw first hand what it is like to work in the medical field. I also got to take anatomy and physical diagnosis classes through the program. - Spring 2018


Class of 2019

Evan Weston

Evan at MA State House

This fall I started my freshman year at Suffolk University in downtown Boston. I get to live right next to the State House and have enjoyed being at the heart of the city. Since graduation, I have continued to be active in my community and in seeking out new leadership rolls. I am currently Secretary of my dorm Hall Council which represents 400+ Suffolk freshmen, and I was also elected as a Member at Large in the Student Government Association. I am thankful for my experiences at BTA which gave me the preparation and confidence to step out and get involved in my college community. (Seen above is just one of the many photos I used for my SGA campaign posters. How fitting?)

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