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Fall 2016 Class Notes

Class of 2006

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Class of 2007

Abigail Perez

We welcomed our third child at the end of June, Eliza Grace. She joins big sister Daniela (22 months) and big brother Caleb (8 years). Other than managing the chaos of having two babies, we're doing well.

Rebecca Leavitt

I graduated from medical school in June and began a family medicine residency that month as well. I'm working down in Kentucky, in a little town called Glasgow where I am doing my training. It's a lot of work, but it's good!


Class of 2008

Erica Baganza

I am a Victim Witness Advocate (VWA) in the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office. In February 2016 I was promoted to the Gang Unit in Superior Court. This means I am on gang related cases involving crimes, fatalities, and shootings in Suffolk County that would result in sentences of more than 2 ½ years.

John Howard

Caroline and I (and our dog Maultsby) moved to London at the start of May. I was asked to transfer within my firm to help build out a new team focused on specialty finance + ABS investing globally. Caroline was also able to transfer within her advertising technology firm, and has been playing an integral role in expanding her company's European presence.

We've got a great church and are settled in well to UK life. We are also enjoying using London as a launch pad and have been intentional about visiting a new European locale every couple of weekends.

Christina Dee Pietruszkiewicz

Christina had a baby in April. Welcome Gabriel!


Class of 2009

Jason Nam

I started my studies at Virginia Tech (2009-2012) and received my bachelor's degree at the Architectural Institute in Prague in 2014. I co-founded Design Disco, a nonprofit design education program in Prague. Here's a photo of our team. We teach high school students about architecture and design, inspiring them to look at the world with a creative perspective.

Working with high school students through Design Disco has reminded me of my formative years at BTA and the teachers who have greatly influenced me.


Class of 2010

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Class of 2011

Daniel Howard

I have settled down in Raleigh, NC and am working for FOCUS, a ministry that cares for private school students across the US. I will also be coaching boy's basketball and lacrosse at St. David's School. I am loving the opportunity to care for the middle and high school students here in Raleigh, and would love your prayers as I continue to establish myself in this new city.

Lily Montagna

This summer I went to Cambodia and Germany through Antioch Ministries International. While in Germany, I bumped into a fellow BTA grad, Dan Park '12, who was interning in the same city. We worked together with the whole Engage the Crisis movement across Europe to see the hope of Jesus brought to refugees. There were also several other current and past BTA students who went to various locations around Europe through the Engage the Crisis movement.

For work, I am currently the positive behavior paraprofessional at the Devotion School in Brookline. At the same time, I am going through the Community of Faith Training School in Brighton.


Class of 2012

Parand Jalili

All is well here at Penn State. The air is crisp and leaves are falling. I'm still busy working with PlantVillage and our database of over 160,000 images. I am still riding, as well. In this photo I am speaking to the judges after we completed our intro level C dressage test where we placed 3rd at the KDCTA Horse Show in September.

Rebekah Lunsford

I graduated from Emmanuel this past spring. I majored in Art Therapy and minored in Psychology. I started a job that I really like about a month ago at South Bay Community Services in Brockton, MA. I'm working as a Family Service Provider providing therapeutic mentoring and therapeutic training and support to children and youth ages 3-21. I plan to go back and get my master's next fall.

Daniel Park

I graduated BC with a BA in International Studies, with a concentration in Global Business Studies. This past summer, I was in Germany as a part of an operation called Engage the Crisis launched by my church (Antioch). We are here to help meet practical needs for refugees across Europe mostly impacted by the crises in the Middle East.

In September, I will be heading to graduate school in Paris at HEC Paris for a year to earn a MSc in Sustainability and Social Innovation. The degree is aimed at training students how to utilize business to help create social innovation, solve social problems, and contribute to the development of a more sustainable economy. HEC Paris is actually ranked as the #1 Business School in France and as the current #2 Business School in Europe (it was actually #1 in Europe 7 times in the past decade).

Jaewoan Park

I joined the Republic of Korea Army as a KATUSA (Korean Augmentation To the US Army) soldier in 2014. After nearly two years of mandatory service as an infantry soldier with three different units (2-9IN, 1-9Cav., 2-12Cav.) at Camp Casey, my military career ended in June 2016. To train and guard my country alongside the soldiers from the United States was a valuable experience. I truly believe that Boston Trinity Academy has prepared me to be a humble follower and a servant leader in any environment. Thank you, BTA.

Class of 2013

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Class of 2014

Joanna Balla

This summer I had the wonderful opportunity of teaching 9th grade Literature with The Breakthrough Collaborative in Dorchester, MA. As a Teaching Fellow, I was faced with the daunting task of making Shakespeare's play Othello accessible to my students, the majority of whom were at or below a 5th grade reading level. In the midst of this challenge, I came to love getting students passionate about the plot and connected with the characters. My students surprised me each day with their engagement, their persistence, and of course, their 14-year old humor. I have just started my junior year at Middlebury College, majoring in Literary Studies with a minor in Education.

Toni Oloko

Since graduating BTA, I took two gap years to start a company called PracticeGigs. We sold the company earlier this year, and then I worked at an early stage Venture Capital Firm. I am now a freshman at UPenn living life, loving Jesus, and trying to figure out how to play the ukulele.


Class of 2015

Connor Nolan

This is my second year at Eastern Nazarene College studying Psychology (Clinical Research). It has been great living the college experience. I reunited with an old BTA student, Matthew Mansaray, who is also studying here. I have made many new friends, and I have grown closer to God. I work as an ENC graduate registrar. I still play drums at my church, and I do gaming videos on YouTube (CFN GAMING).

Angelina Singer

I just published a novel this past July. It is a romantic comedy and is available on Amazon. Currently, I am writing a science fiction novel I hope to publish in the near future.

This summer I helped coach bands as a student mentor at my local music store where I've been taking guitar lessons for the past 8 years.

At Stonehill College, I've added a music minor, so now I'm an English major with a double minor in music and creative writing.

I have continued to crochet and have some items in a store in Kennebunkport, Maine. One of my crocheted pieces has its own Twitter account now. I made a look-alike doll for Dalton Rapattoni, 3rd place finalist on American Idol. I gave it to him at a concert and he loved it, even posted it on Twitter. Then a fan must have started the Twitter account, SmaltonRapattiny @SmaltonTiny.


Class of 2016

Janeseey Simon

This summer I did a work-study at my college to understand different types of engineering majors. So far, the year has been good and I am tutoring at the Fenway high school for the school year's work-study.

Grace Buckner

I am so grateful for an opportunity to take a gap year! Three weeks have passed since I arrived in Southeast Asia. Each day has been filled with opportunities to make new friends and lots of humbling experiences to immerse myself in a new culture. The highlight so far has been serving weekly at a primary school for refugee kids. I will be traveling within the region until next May.


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