With families from every neighborhood in Boston and over 40 surrounding communities, there is a way to get you here.

Transportation is an important issue for many parents as they consider academic options for their children. At Boston Trinity, we understand the importance of this issue and the Admissions Office is available to help families find transportation solutions which work for each family. Approximately 33% of our students in grades 6 – 12, use some form of public transportation each day.

Boston Trinity Academy is located in the residential neighborhood of Hyde Park. The school is easily accessed by 2 commuter rail stations and several bus routes and so serves students from over 40 communities in the Greater Boston area. Boston Trinity also operates a shuttle to Forest Hills Station and downtown Boston. In addition, families have the ability to connect with other nearby BTA families to facilitate carpools.

Commuter Rail

The Hyde Park and Fairmont Train stations are a safe 4 and 9 minute walk respectively. The Fairmont, and Providence / Stoughton lines have convenient access to Fairmont and Hyde Park stations while the Franklyn and Needham lines arrive at Readville and Forest Hills Stations with frequent bus connections to the school.

Students riding on the commuter rail pay 50% of the regular fare. Students may also purchase a discounted Monthly LinkPass for $30 / month, giving them unlimited use of the buses and T.

MBTA Buses and Subway

Boston Trinity is conveniently located near many bus routes to the Orange Line T stop at Forest Hills station. The most convenient routes are the 32 and the 50, which are 0.3 miles or less from the school. Students may purchase a discounted Monthly LinkPass for $30 / month, giving them unlimited use of the buses and T.


Many families who live close to one another choose to carpool. Once your child is admitted you will have access to contact families in your area. With every neighborhood in Boston and over 40 communities in the surrounding area represented, there is always someone coming from nearby.

Shuttle Bus

Boston Trinity Academy operates a shuttle to and from Forest Hills station on the Orange Line. There is also a shuttle to Beacon Street in downtown Boston. Monthly shuttle passes as well as drop-in tickets are available for purchase. If you are interested in finding out more about the shuttle service please contact