9th Grade Humanities

Being rooted in the tradition of liberal arts education, Boston Trinity Academy believes it is important for students to not only learn various disciplines, but to be able see the interconnectedness of the disciplines. This allows students to synthesize various streams of thought to better understand a topic and find more meaningful solutions.

To facilitate this way of thinking, Upper School students take Humanities during their 9th grade year. This double credit course takes the place of Bible, English, and History and explores themes of Western Civilization from Literary, Artistic, Biblical, and Historical perspectives.

Humanities 9 addresses the question, “What does it mean to be human?” Students explore this question by integrating their study of literature, drama, historical texts, primary sources, and the biblical narrative. For example, they learn about the origins of early Western culture by reading Homer’s The Odyssey and simultaneously examining the lives of Abraham, Jacob, and Moses. They compare and contrast the Pax Romana with the gospel of Matthew and the history of the early church. Finally, they pursue the transforming effects of Christianity on both the Roman and Germanic cultures, producing a revolutionary idea of what it means to be human.