Upper School Academics

Boston Trinity Academy provides Uppers School students with a rigorous and well-rounded college preparatory education, grounded in the liberal arts tradition.

Our passionate and highly qualified faculty challenges students not only to gain a body of knowledge but also to deeply explore standards of truth, beauty, and wisdom in a curriculum that integrates faith and learning. From their ninth grade Humanities class to their twelfth grade Senior Symposium project, Upper School students learn to transform their questions into real and creative contributions of their own, and so discover a vision for their lives.

We expect all of our graduates to attend four-year colleges and we prepare them for success when they get there. Every student takes at least three of the thirteen Advanced Placement (AP) courses we offer. Our college counselor is available to students starting in the ninth grade, and throughout eleventh and twelfth grade all students participate in a comprehensive college counseling program.

Course of Study

Graduates of Boston Trinity Academy complete a rigorous course of study that includes 4 years of English and History. In addition all students take a Biblical Studies class in each of their 4 years at the school and 3 years minimum of Science, Mathematics, and World Language. They must also fulfill requirements in Athletics and the Arts. All graduates of Boston Trinity Academy complete a minimum of 3 Advanced Placement courses.

9th Grade

Humanities 9: The Development of the Western World1
Biology 9
Art 9: Identity and Pop Culture
World Language2

1 Humanities 9 is a double-block course that combines History, English, and Biblical Studies.
2 Mathematics and World Language courses are tracked by ability not grade level.

10th Grade

English 10: World Literature
History 10: The World Beyond the West
Chemistry 10
Bible 10: Christian Belief in Context1
Art 10: Media1
World Language2

1 Bible 10 and Art 10 are one semester courses.
2 Mathematics and World Language courses are tracked by ability not grade level.

11th Grade

English 11: European Literature
History 11: European History OR AP European History
Conceptual Physics OR AP Physics1
World Language2
Bible 11: The Christian Life3
College Prep Resources3

1 May be taken in 12th grade.
2 Mathematics and World Language courses are tracked by ability not grade level.
3 Bible 11 and College Prep Resources are one semester courses.

12th Grade

Humanities 12: Senior Synthesis and Symposium
English 12: Literature and Composition OR AP English Literature
History 12: US History
World Language1
Senior Capstone2

1 Mathematics and World Language courses are tracked by ability not grade level.
2 Senior Capstone is an independent internship, service project, or research paper.


Advanced Placement Courses

Students at Boston Trinity Academy must take at least three Advanced Placement (AP) courses in order to graduate. These courses prepare students for the rigors of college coursework and demonstrate an ability to succeed at a collegiate level. Some AP courses may be taken in place of regular coursework. Boston Trinity offers thirteen AP courses:

AP Biology
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Computer Science A
AP English Literature and Composition
AP European History
AP French Language and Culture
AP Physics 1
AP Psychology
AP Spanish Language and Culture
AP Statistics
AP Studio Art: Drawing
AP Studio Art: 2D Design