Middle School Biblical Studies

The Biblical Studies Department presents the biblical narrative as the defining story for human life. The Middle School curriculum focuses on biblical literacy, particularly the central themes of the Old and New Testaments and the revelation of God in the person of Jesus. The Upper School curriculum reviews these themes, presents theological conclusions and implications, and explores the skills and insights necessary to build a spiritual and ethical life. The curriculum culminates in the Senior Synthesis and Symposium, in which students produce a well-researched and thoughtfully argued analytical paper on a pressing academic, ethical, or social issue, accompanied by an oral defense before a panel of guest scholars.

Bible 6: The Life and Teachings of Jesus

The Life and Teachings of Jesus helps students learn to read the Bible as a single narrative, beginning with creation and culminating in the promise of Jesus’ second coming. Significant Old Testament events are reviewed to better understand the background of Jesus and the people he served. Through the study of key gospel passages, students engage with the Bible in its original context and see its relevance for their lives. Jesus is presented as the Messiah, who redeems and transforms the lives of people and our world.

Bible 7: Old Testament I - Creation, Covenant, Exodus, and Law

Old Testament I is an introductory survey of the Old Testament, starting with Genesis and ending with the Israelites entering the Promised Land. Beginning with the creation account, students see God as the Creator and how humankind was made in His image. Students then witness God’s relationship with his creation as they study the Old Testament covenants and the exodus. Finally, God’s moral will for his people is seen in the law given to Moses at Mount Sinai. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to see themselves in the personalities and events of these texts and to see the Bible as the divinely inspired Word of God.

Bible 8: Old Testament II - Kingship, Temple, Prophets, and Exile

Old Testament II continues a thematic survey of the Old Testament, starting with the establishment of Israel in Canaan and progressing to the writings of the prophets before, during, and after the exile of Israel. Students gain an understanding of the role of a prophet among the Israelites by analyzing the spoken words and symbolic actions of the prophetic messages. The course emphasizes literacy of Old Testament stories and characters while continuing to trace the thread of God’s grace throughout the Old Testament.