Emilie Hodge Osman '13 Wins 2020 Alumni Recognition Award

Emilie Hodge Family

This is the ninth year of the Boston Trinity Academy Alumni Recognition Award, and it is given in recognition that a Boston Trinity Academy education prepares students for leadership and service in college and beyond.

Emilie Hodge Osman '13 has been working with a multi-cultural church and serving Syrian refugees in and around the city of Yalova, Turkey since 2018.

After graduating BTA in 2013, she took part of her gap year with that same mission in Turkey, and then matriculated at University of Virginia, graduating there with honors in 2017.

Emilie speaks both Turkish and Arabic (though not fluently). She has been an integral part of her team, ministering cross-culturally to a Muslim population and sharing the love of Jesus. While working in Yalova, she met her husband, Siwar, and recently Emilie gave birth to their daughter, Joy Selin (Celine).

One of her nominators wrote, “Emilie should be held up as an example of selfless love and consistent striving to bring the best connection possible to the poor and displaced. She and her husband have worked faithfully and tirelessly without recognition or fanfare.”

We are delighted and proud to honor Emilie Hodge Osman '13 with this year’s Boston Trinity Academy Alumni Recognition Award.