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Burt Parker, youth minister at Grace Church in Avon, had everyone's attention when he spoke in Chapel on Wednesday morning. Mr. Parker told the students that one of the reasons he enjoys working with teens is because of the way God feels about them. "God does not put kids on a waiting list," he said. "He uses them to change the world."

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Spiritual Life Prefect and senior Dan Mawhinney addressed the faculty, guests, and his fellow students in Wednesday morning's Chapel service. Beginning with an anecdote about his first week-long camp experience as a middle-schooler and the misfortune of having his name made fun of by mispronunciation, Dan had no control over what others said, but those words had an impact.

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The Chapel was standing room only and people were crowded into the area outside the Chapel doors; all were gathered to honor the life of Boston Trinity French teacher Mrs. Marie Crandall. "Although dreadfully painful, it is also ultimately good for us to know that our lives are not our own and that God operates in mysteries that we cannot fully understand," began Mr. Frank Guerra. "It is appropriate today that we both mourn her passing and celebrate her life."

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Boston Trinity Academy Lionhearts, a group of both male and female students, meet together weekly to build community through conversation, food, and fellowship. This week, four students shared insights from their own personal growth as a result of being part of the group.

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Mr. Davis Franklin, AP European History and English 10 World Literature teacher, Varsity Cross Country coach, and Lionhearts leader, “taught” more than “preached” when he addressed Chapel Wednesday morning. “There is a difference between shame and guilt,” he said. Referring to the account of Cain and Abel, Mr. Franklin told students that a proper sacrifice is given in humility and thanksgiving; Cain’s sacrifice did not come from a place of humility. “God came to Cain as a coach,” Mr. Franklin said. “He wanted Cain to do the right thing.”

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