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This is the 12th year of the Boston Trinity Academy Alumni Recognition Award.  It is given in recognition that a Boston Trinity Academy education prepares students for leadership and service in college and beyond.  We are delighted and proud to honor Toni Oloko with this year’s Boston Trinity Academy Alumni Recognition Award. He was recognized for his contribution in the area of business and entrepreneurship. 

Toni’s time at Boston Trinity Academy set him on his current path.  When Toni spoke BTA’s Spring Banquet during his senior year, he credited the school with giving him the faith and confidence to apply to “an Ivy League university that was out of my league.” That same year, Toni focused his Symposium research paper on a subject he is still passionate about, economic justice.  In his paper, he challenged for-profit companies to accept ethical responsibility for social justice initiatives.  

It was also during Toni’s senior year that he developed an app called PracticeGigs. He received funding for the app after he graduated and decided to take a gap year as an Entrepreneur in Residence at a large, early-stage Boston Venture Capital firm. For this innovation, he was recognized by Boston Globe Magazine in 2014. 

Toni attended the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. While there, he contributed to the growth of another multi-billion-dollar tech startup called Go-Puff. These experiences helped him launch Dandy, a biotech startup, with his co-founder and college friend, Dan Hanover. 

Dandy has simplified and improved dental lab work using digital tools. The company currently employs over 800 people and is valued at over $1.4 billion. Toni and Dan were named to the 2022 Forbes 30 under 30 list for their work in Enterprise Tech at Dandy.

Just as important as his success in the private sector, Toni remains a man of deep faith and is committed to giving back to his community. He currently serves on the Board of Youth Cities, the Boston entrepreneurship mentoring program that supported him when he was in high school.  Toni is also a generous supporter of Boston Trinity.

“I am honored to be a graduate of Boston Trinity Academy as people so often ask where I went to high school. Much of my thinking and success should be attributed to BTA. This school has opened doors for me, but most importantly, empowered me to do and be more. BTA truly changed my life.”