Welcome from the Headmaster

At Boston Trinity Academy, we know and love every student, guiding and challenging each one to thrive as a whole person.

The school’s motto is VIA, VERITAS, VITA, the way, the truth, and the life, which becomes the integration of faith, learning, and service in our curriculum. The combination of a strong faith culture, demanding academics, and service to others refines character and unites a community with social, economic, and racial differences. The result of our educational philosophy is a community of learners who love and serve others.

Our faculty is the heart of Boston Trinity Academy. They inspire students to love learning, think inquisitively, and reason analytically. Our young scholars write and re-write, explore scientific concepts, perform Shakespeare, compete in interscholastic athletics, and study the classics.

Students at Boston Trinity Academy engage the world with their whole selves and our graduates are distinguished by their intellect, integrity, service, and moral vision. This culmination of our mission in their lives results in the glory and honor of God. I invite you to visit our campus and see our students and faculty live out this distinct mission in this special school.


Frank S. Guerra