We Are Heartbroken

Frank Guerra


Dear Boston Trinity Academy Family,

We are writing in regard to the horrific murder of George Floyd, which has justifiably unleashed a flood of protest and unrest throughout the country. At Boston Trinity Academy, our hearts are broken by Floyd’s death and the outpouring of anger, pain and suffering that it has caused.   Our history of racism and prejudice which continues to plague America is deeply disheartening. Will America ever be able to come together as one nation under God? It has become difficult to answer this question in the affirmative.

But then we think of Boston Trinity Academy. One of the primary reasons for the establishment of Boston Trinity Academy twenty years ago was to create an institution of racial reconciliation – a school which welcomed, in the name of Jesus Christ, students from every race and nation, a school in which everyone enrolled was given opportunities for success regardless of socioeconomic status. In the earliest vision-casting days of the school in 2000-2001, we committed ourselves to founding a school, which mirrored the church at Antioch (Acts 11and 13) with people from every race, tongue, and tribe. With God’s blessing, students have attended the school from all corners of the world and from virtually every race and ethnicity. Seventy percent are students of color, and more than ten percent come from multi-racial families 

As multi-cultural as the school is, we are, indeed, only united in the Rock of Jesus Christ, and we are committed to maintaining a culture of kindness, justice, and racial reconciliation in the years to come. More than a decade ago, the Trinity Institute for Leadership and Social Justice was founded for the purpose of equipping students to work for God’s justice wherever injustice prevailed. The need to work for God’s justice has never been greater.

We at Boston Trinity Academy promise to remain true to our mission of being a beacon of light through racial reconciliation. The leadership of BTA – the Board of Trustees, the Boards of Advisors and Reference, the Administration, Faculty, and Staff – pledge to do everything possible to remain unified through the love of Jesus Christ. Where forgiveness is needed, we ask for and give forgiveness. Where new initiatives are needed, we pledge to start them, and we pledge to continue to celebrate our racial and cultural differences. 

Above all, we need to pray that Boston Trinity Academy will not succumb to the divisiveness and despair that plagues our nation.  We need to and will strive to remain a model of hope so that our students can thrive. We will do everything we can to stay united in love through Jesus Christ.




Robert H. Bradley

Frank Guerra