Learn why the Picard family is thankful for Boston Trinity Academy

Lorna Spence

Why did you choose Boston Trinity Academy for your family?

A friend, whose husband is on the board and has been involved with the school since its inception, told us to strongly consider BTA. We had also heard great things about the school through other friends and acquaintances.

How have you seen Boston Trinity Academy impact your student(s)?

We have seen our three boys grow up to be fine young men.  Recently, the professor at MIT advising our new freshman said to us, "Chris is a fine young man, and you should be complimented on your parenting."  I turned to my husband and said, "It's BTA," and he said, "They certainly helped!"

What qualities make Boston Trinity Academy distinctive?

We like that they prioritize academic and intellectual rigor, have an enormously smart and dedicated faculty, and build all of their efforts on a solid foundation of Christian values, promoting love for every person, regardless of who they are.   

One night, I was driving some kids from our local high school to a sports event, and one boy told my son that he thought he could never handle AP Calculus, and only kids like his sister took classes like that.  I thought, "I'm so glad my son is not in that culture but is in a culture where EVERY kid is supported in being able to take AP classes and helped to succeed".  

What would you say to someone who is considering Boston Trinity Academy for their child(ren)?

You've found the most amazing school and faculty.  You can trust them with your children, and it is well worth the commute. 

Dr. Rosalind Picard is a Professor at MIT, and co-founder of the startups Affectiva and Empatica. Dr. Len Picard is an Electrical Engineering PhD from MIT currently working as an engineering manager in medical databases.