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Frank Guerra-Headmaster

By Frank Guerra-Headmaster

What Should Families Look for in an Independent School?

What are the most important factors to consider as families look to find the right fit between their student and an independent school? There are three questions that need to be answered that are of paramount importance in order for students to thrive in a school environment and to receive an outstanding education:

Will my child be known and loved? 

Students cannot learn effectively without feeling safe, and they cannot feel and be safe in a cold, sterile, and non-caring environment. Teachers who know and love their students in small classroom settings, and teachers who convey passion about and mastery of their subject are the ones who truly educate and transform young people. 

Will my child be challenged academically? 

In an increasingly competitive world, a school must prepare students to succeed not only by getting them into college, but also by ensuring they succeed during and after college. An education is not simply a means to an end or the foundational step to a good job and career, but a great education prepares young men and women for a fuller and more thoughtful life. An enriched life that makes the student a better person and the world better place.

Will my child be equipped with the moral and spiritual armor to stand against what is wrong and defend what is right? 

Inclusion and tolerance alone are not enough because young people must be bolstered in their desire for truth, beauty, goodness, and justice. Does the school stand for values and beliefs that can be emulated and act as pillars in a person’s life?

At Boston Trinity Academy, we know and love every student and challenge each one to the highest order of academic achievement, personal integrity, and moral character. In the great tradition of classical, liberal arts, Christian education, we motivate students to reach for what is best and highest in life. Our Christ-centered community provides a nurturing environment that allows students to reach their full potential by providing an inspiring, content-rich curriculum. Our teachers, advisers, and staff care deeply about young people and their education. 

We invite parents to visit the school and have their children spend a day with us to discover the academic excellence, the purposeful faith, and the authentic community that is Boston Trinity Academy.